My promotions

  • Place the promotion with its name, exact location and a logo for visual information.
  • You can add a little description
  • Determine the duration, schedule, ...
  • Determine the accepted action area over a exact spot.
  • Activate or deactivate the promotion, according to your needs

My reps

Add your reps and assign to their correspondign promotion, schedule and places where they have to take action.

Notifiy them their user and password via email

Let them work

Once the rep starts its activity, let beeppa work in real time:

Reports about:
  • Location
  • Notifications
  • Punctuality
  • Overtime
  • Schedule accomplishment
  • Online communication
  • Event photos
  • Real time results
  • All the possible data transformed into efficient information to improve management

Keep track of your activities from your PC, tablet or Smartphone. It will improve efficiency and results

Optimize their work

  • Optimize the success of the promotion
  • Make us of real time notifications
  • Obtain event photos
  • Manage the data to obtain information
  • Summarized information
  • Fast visual analysis
  • Easy access to detail
  • Automatic communication management
  • Work in an active way
    • Send data according to the suggested definition
    • Keeps the workplace tracked
    • Offers global information about the activities in a finite area
    • Offers visual information of level of accomplishment (real vs required)
    • Hands off detailed information by promotion and/or rep

App beeppa

New technologies distinguish you from your competence.Your best argument to offer to your clients: Geolocation of your reps

Chat with the production structure. Request for instantaneous photos. Forms and statistics. Opinion about done jobs. Alert system

Easy, Fast, Precise, Inteligent management

Your clients control their campaigns in real time through the application and Apps